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Philip Adams

Philip Adams






Born in Brighton (Melbourne) in 1947, Philip studied at the Caulfield Institute and completed his Diploma of Painting in 1968. He then travelled to London where he painted full time before embarking on a world wide tour including Europe, India and USA.
Returning back to Victoria in 1972, Philip commenced teaching art at Maryborough Tech. College where he stayed until resuming full time painting in 1996.
Philip states that he wants to capture the excitement of exploring a new landscape. Everything is to be discovered, the senses are sharpened. He achieves this through his practice of meditation which renews his vision.
Philip has held several solo exhibitions and participated in many joint exhibitions over the years and is represented in private collections in England, France, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada and Australia at the Crown Casino Melbourne and the Reserve Bank of Australia New York collection. Philip exhibits at Sorrento and Flinders Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula.



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