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John Bredl


John Bredl


John Bredl


John Bredl





























John Bredl

John Bredl started painting professionally in 1987. His many typical scenes of the Australian outback, magnificent coastlines, mountainous wilderness, open pastorals and the River Murray have won him over 100 national awards.

John is a plein air painter, choosing to paint outdoors to capture the acuracy and immensity of our Australian lanscape. His seascapes capture mood, movement, light and vastness found on the beaches. His inland studies depict not only the vastness of our continent but he has also made a powerful statement about the depth and intensity of the evening sky over an ancient land.

John is purely self taught in oil, pastel and watercolor. John exhibits in Australia and the U.K. His paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout Australia and in Germany, Singapore, England, America and New Zealand. John has received over one hundred awards and is called upon to judge shows on a regular basis. He has been published various times in the Australian Artist Magazine. John has held many solo and group exhibitions. He is highly regarded in the art world and his paintings are rapidly becoming sought after. He is the founding member of The Brushmen of the Bay, member of The Victorian Artist Society and Australian Guild of Realist Artists. John exhibits at Sorrento and Flinders Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula.



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