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Lyn Mellady





Brett Jarrett


Flying Adelie Penguins Antarctica by Brett Jarrett,Oil, 119 x 91cm $9000



Miles to go, Emperor Penguins by Brett Jarrett, 41 x 16cm $990



Emperors,Royals,Kings and Queens 150 x 100cm, Oil, by Brett Jarrett $18,000



"Which Way" Emperor Penguins 70 x 50 cm by Brett Jarrett $2800



"Douglas Mawson's" Footsteps and snow petrels,Cape Denison,Antarctica 122 x 77cm by Brett Jarrett $3800



Adelie Penguins 40 x 43cm by Brett Jarrett $3500


Evening Quiet, Whooper Swans 56 x 47cm by Brett Jarrett $2,800



Crimson Rosellas and Coastal Banksia 780mm x 670mm by Brett Jarrett $5,500



Close Couple - Mallard Ducks oil on canvas 550mm x 450mm $2,800



Australian Pelicans oil on canvas 1020mm x 720mm by Brett Jarrett $6,500



Andalusian Stallion oil on canvas 910mm x 610mm by Brett Jarrett $6,500



Power and Grace, oil, 1010mm x 760mm by Brett Jarrett $9500



Clydesdale Stallion, oil on canvas, 910mm x 810mm by Brett Jarrett $8000



"Regal Remedy" Champion Australian Stock Horse Stallion 50cm x 50cm Ask us about Commissions by Brett Jarrett




Morning Colours-Australian Pelican,oil on canvas by Brett Jarrett $2950



Reacquainting old Freindships-Superb Fairy Wrens oil on canvas 910mm x 660mm by Brett Jarrett $3800



Australian Pelican Portrait, oil on canvas, 300mm x 400mm by Brett Jarrett $850



Evening shadows and warm light- Pacific Gull ,oil on canvas, 360mm x 490mm by Brett Jarrett $1400


Brett Jarrett

“Any animal, bird, plant or landscape painted in the traditional realism genre deserves to be accurately portrayed. It is the artists responsibility not only to know their subject well enough to accomplish this, but knowing you have tried your best to represent the subject as beautifully as nature does”.

Brett Jarrett is among the very best animal and bird painters in Australia and has world-wide acknowledgment for his work on marine birds and mammals.
As keen naturalist since childhood his knowledge of anatomical features and behaviour of his subjects are second to none.
Born in Australia (1965), Brett’s painting career (self taught) commenced in 1991, encouraged by becoming principal artist for the book Marsupials and Birds of Warrawong Sanctuary, followed by contributions in two scientific volumes of the Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic Birds and Feather and Brush: Three Centuries of Australian Bird Art.
As a culmination of over thirty-four years and many field trips to all parts of the world in pursuit of wildlife, his paintings branch into two distinct areas of art that are closely linked by our history, natural history art and scientific art.
His more recent published works on marine birds and mammals include:
A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife; Whales, Dolphins and Seals: A Field Guide to the Marine Mammals of the World and Marine Mammals of the World: A Guide To Their Identification.
Among other animal subjects, Brett has had a long time interest in horses, attracted to their impressive anatomical structure and grace and is currently working on some of the finest equine portraits ever produced in this country.
His work is infrequently exhibited in art competitions preferring more specialized events dedicated to animal and bird art where he has received many awards most notably from the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia and the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize, Australia’s richest award for natural history art.





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