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Kendall Perkins


Strelitzias by Kendall 900mm x 1200mm $3000


Ikebana by Kendall 900mm x 1200mm $3000



Colour Splash by Kendall 900mm x 1200mm $3000


Enigma by Kendall 900mm x 1200mm $3000




Fuchsia Delight by Kendall $2800


Electric abstraction by Kendall $3000


Celebrayting on the Yarra by Kendall


Gilded Lilly by Kendall 1200mm x 900mm $2800 SOLD




Singapore Orchid by Kendall 1200mm x 900mm SOLD




A Field in France by Kendall SOLD



Abstracted by Kendall SOLD



The Sexy seven by Kendall SOLD



A Colourful Collection by Kendall 1400mm x 1100mm SOLD



Kendall - SOLD



Kendall - SOLD



Kendall - SOLD



Kendall - SOLD



With a long list of sell out exhibitions and a unique style that has become highly collectable, Kendall has made her mark on the contemporary art scene in a big way!
Based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, she brings a breath of fresh air to an art scene that has become predictable and formulated. She is a progressive, aggressive artist that has established herself on the global art scene in a blaze of colour and character!
It's not just great art, it's a celebration of "All things Australian".In Kendall's paintings you could find Queensland beach sand, native Australian grasses and rolled gold. Flowers, people, fish, cityscapes, country scenes and beach life are just a few images drawn from Kendall's imagination that depict Aussie life.This creates an eternal bond between the art, the artist, the subject and the viewer.
Kendall's art is represented in public and private collections world wide. She has represented Australia in key Asian markets. Kendall was invited to paint live on location for an Australian showcase in India called "The Downunder Feast" travelling to New Deli, Bangalore and Mumbai with live painting performances in these cities. This followed her sell-out exhibition in Singapore in March 2005 where she was Artist in residence in the "Best of Australia" showcase at Raffles City. Prior to this in January 2005 Kendall was Australia's official Artist in Residence at "The Australia Day" showcase in Seoul , South Korea. Kendall was also given the official title of "Australia's Goodwill Ambassador" to Seoul, an honour bestowed on her by the Australian High Commission .
Always changing and evolving you never know what her next new exciting new series will be, Kendall has always regarded herself as "An Innovator not an Imitator" always throwing caution to the wind as she creates each next body of work.

Kendall believes her work needs no deciphering "People buy my paintings because they have a feel good factor , they make them feel happy and alive!!"

Kendall exhibits in Sorrento and Flinders Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula.


Copyright warning. Copyright always remains the property of the artist, even when a work is sold.

This means that no artwork may be reproduced in whole or part or copied in any way without prior permission of the artist.


























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