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Tamara Sewoff


Tamara Sewoff



Tamara Sewoff


Tamara Sewoff



On the trapeze by Tamara Sewoff



Tamara Sewoff


Tamara Sewoff


Peaceful Sunday Morning by Tamara Sewoff $1850



Coming Home 2 by Tamara Sewoff $1900



Through the Mist by Tamara Sewoff $1900



Serenity by Tamara Sewoff 1200mm x 1000mm $1900 SOLD



Simple Pleasures by Tamara Sewoff 1200mm x 1200mm $1850



Sunday Morning at the Pier by Tamara Sewoff 1450mm x 1050mm $2200



Coming Home by Tamara Sewoff 1200mm x 1200mm $1900



Sunset over the Bay by Tamara Sewoff $1850



Leaving Home by Tamara Sewoff SOLD



The Birds and the Bee's by Tamara Sewoff $1850



Tamara Sewoff Sold



Tamara Sewoff SOLD


Tamara Sewoff

Tamara was born in 1953 in Melbourne into a musical and artistic
family, with a deep passion for both music and art, so it was a
natural progression to move into both spheres of creativity, as a

Studying both, she chose music as an initial direction and she went
on to teach classical and jazz piano for 20 years.

Then, after moving to the peninsula, was so overwhelmed with the
awesome beauty and scenery, was inspired to follow her other passion,
painting. Drawing on her time as a freelance graphic artist,
and working at Hanna Barbera studios, she set about putting down some
of the colours and forms that are such a signature mark in the area,
the everchanging blues of the water, the strength and solidarity of
the landscapes, the people, and the very relaxed
lifestyle. Her main area of interest is contemporary and figurative
art, as well as colour and the effect that this have on our
phsyiology and our thinking, and uses a variety of mediums to achieve
this goal.

She currently represented by several galleries along
the peninsula, including Sorrento and Flinders Fine Art Galleries.






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