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Judy Talacko


A touch of wattle By Judy Talacko $5200


Sunny Chorus By Judy Talacko $5200


Prague spring By Judy Talacko $5900


Lilly Parade By Judy Talacko $5200


Mothers day Joy By Judy Talacko $5200


In touch with heavan by Judy Talacko


Sorrento Revisited by Judy Talacko


Seaside past times Judy Talacko



Frivolity and Frisky Winds by Judy Talacko


Crystal Waters and a Puff of Wind by Judy Talacko



Seaward Bound by Judy Talacko


Judy Talacko


Judy Talacko


Apostles and Sea Mist by Judy Talacko




Judy Talacko

Born in Melbourne, Judy grew up in a very artistic and musical family. She completed an Art Diploma degree at RMIT and began a career in fabric design and batik printing. After marriage and a move to Echuca, Judy turned her attention to painting and became involved in the Echuca Art Group. In 1970 Judy and family moved to England where she painted and exhibited extensively. Her paintings portrayed the English countryside. Four years later, a move to Sweden proved to be a major turning point in Judy’s artistic career. She held 11 successful solo exhibitions throughout Sweden.
In 1980 the family returned to Australia. Her greatest impressions on her return were the sunlight, clean air and that wonderful sense of freedom, to which she portrays in her paintings.
Judy has held 37 successful solo exhibitions in Australia, London and Sweden and also has 27 prints out in world distribution. She has won several awards and has been twice ‘highly commended’ at the Camberwell Rotary Art Show. Judy is a member of the Victorian Artists’ Society and the Watercolour Society of Victoria. Judy exhibits at Flinders and Sorrento Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula.





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