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Robert Wade


The pub at Marree 1100mm x 900mm by Robert Wade $4900



Menhegan Morning Maine USA $2800



Beijing by Robert Wade $2300


No sales by Robert Wade


Study for a Grey Day by Robert Wade


Robert Wade

Born in Melbourne in 1930, the distinguished Australian artist Robert A. Wade has gained international acclaim. He has exhibited with most of the major watercolour Societies in the world and won important awards in many countries. He conducts workshops regularly in Europe and the USA, inspiring his students with his infectious enthusiasm and his consummate mastery of the watercolour medium.
His work has received 12 major overseas awards in England, France and USA, plus 93 awards in Australia. He was elected Artist of the Year, Victorian Artists’ Society, 1985 and 1986 also in 1986 he received the Advance Australia Medal for his outstanding contribution to Australian watercolour and in 1988 he received the Windsor and Newton Australian Bi-Centenary Award for watercolour. On Australia Day, 2003, Robert received the “Medal of the Order of Australia” for his promotion of Australian art and art educator.
His work is represented in many public, corporate and private collections throughout the world and he has exhibited with most of the world’s watercolour societies as well as being published in limited editions in London by Rosenstiel’s Fine Arts. Robert contributes articles regularly to Australian Artist magazine and other overseas art magazines. Wade’s two best selling books, Painting More than the Eye Can See and Painting Your Vision in Watercolour, plus his instructional video’s, Watercolour Wade’s Way and Simply Watercolour, have all received world wide acclaim. He lectures on the heritage of Australian watercolour to many art societies around the world, earning himself the title of the Unofficial World Ambassador of Watercolour. One of the most respected artists of our time, his name is synonymous with watercolour world-wide. Robert exhibits at Sorrento and Flinders Fine Art Galleries on the Mornington Peninsula.

Please visit again. We will soon display new work fom this artist.



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